2018 HAP CRIM Festival of Races

Date: August 25th, 2018

Location: Flint, MI

The 42nd Annual HAP CRIM Festival of races was one to remember! This was my first time running the CRIM and I have a feeling it won’t be my last! 🙂

I went down the day before as I did not want to have to rush the next morning with finding a parking spot, making sure I picked up my packet, etc all before race time.

On race day I arrived in Flint a little earlier than I expected but it was nice to be able to see everything before being jam packed full of runners!

A little before 6:30AM I went over to the Michigan Runners Tent that was setup in the Festival area and met a number of runners from the group! It was wonderful to be able to meet so many runners I had only communicated with digitally on Facebook!

Obligatory group photo before the run starts!

After a lot of laughs and everyone getting ready it was race time! As usual, I was nervous. It was only 10 miles, but I always seem to get pre-race jitters, especially with this one being out of town!

About 10 minutes before race time, it was starting to get packed!

The 30 Year runners were able to start first, and as the first group of the 10 mile runners were let out, there was a lightning strike. Initially it looked like they were going to continue anyways, but before the next group could go they called a rain delay. Every time there was a lightning strike it was a 30 minute delay from there. Just before 9AM it was starting to clear up and they had announced that at 9:05 they were likely going to start again. Right after the announcement, another lightning strike! Luckily, it appeared to be the last one.

Take two! Shortly after the last lightning strike the clouds really cleared up and they announced that the 30 Year runners would be starting at 9:25AM. Right at 9:25 the 30 Year runners started and the regular 10 mile was able to start five minutes later. It rained on and off (mostly on) for the first few miles. It was kind of refreshing at first, then after all of my clothes were soaked it was annoying!

The first few miles had some minor hills then the Bradley Hills came! I actually did not think they were bad, not compared to some of the ones around Gaylord. The hills on miles six and seven… the small rolling hills are actually worse than the larger Bradley Hills! They almost taunted you since they are so small you should be able to power through them! At that point though I could feel my heart rate was too high (I didn’t scroll through my Garmin to check until  after the run). I ended up walking several times through the small rolling hills then just before mile eight I committed to running until the end!

I’m not going to lie, with the humidity and my heart rate being high the last two miles were a struggle. I just took it easy, controlled my breathing the best I could and enjoyed myself!

My official time was 1:29:28. Just under an hour and 30 minutes! Given the struggle with my heart rate for several miles I was very happy to have finished in that time.

I ended up running without my hydration vest due to a number of issues. It was a whole thing, but rest assured all is well now!

The aid stations were very well stocked and all of the extra stations along the course were great!  The extra stations (a lot of residents of Flint outside of their homes) included;

  • Several Beer Stations (at least 5)
  • Jello Shots (at least 2)
  • “Champagne Corner’
  • Bacon!

Back at the MR tent was an amazing assortment of food, water and some adult beverages!

I really cannot put into words how awesome it was to meet everyone in person from the MR group. I’m looking forward to the next race we are able to meet up again! Being able to discuss the current race, previous races and even planning for future races (looking at you this year Capital City River Run and Great Turtle!) was awesome. Hearing everyone’s experiences, planning and training was great!

A few photos post run:

Special thanks to Lisa and Jacob for helping organize the tent for everyone. It was amazing to have a nice place to sit down and relax, both before and after the race!

PS – The medal for the race is pretty awesome!

PPS – Popsicles, Pizza and Beer are perfect post run eats!

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