Race Recap: 2018 Capital City River Run

Location: Lansing, MI

Date: September 23rd, 2018

Race Day!

I arrived around 7A.M. – I parked further away than I needed to, but I wasn’t sure how parking was going to look closer to the event but I didn’t mind the walk. It was gorgeous out. The temp was right (low to mid-40’s), the sun was coming up.. it was perfect racing weather!

Quick shot of the Grand River and the Lansing Center on the right!

After a little bit they announced that the Lansing Center was not going to be opening so I made my way to Cooley Law Stadium and walked around briefly. I ran into Jennifer and Erika from the Michigan Runners group and stopped to chat for a bit!

Around 7:30 or so I headed down towards the starting line. It was posted on the FB Group that we were taking pictures there instead of inside the Lansing Center since it was not open! Several of the pictures are below, I’m sure there are a few more circulating out there as well! 🙂

Shortly after the photos it was race time!

The run started on time right at 8AM and we took off down Michigan Ave towards MSU. We curved a bit through MSU then went south towards 496 and eventually to Hawk Island Park. At this point I was keeping pretty good pace with the 8:30 Min per mile pacers. I slowed down slightly at times but I would make up the time and get closer again.

Just past Hawk Island park though I could feel fatigue set in. My mind kept wanting to push but my body was not having it. This was the second time I had ran in the last two weeks (the first time had been the day before in Okemos/Haslett). None the less, I had two goals in mind:

  • Don’t walk if at all possible.
  • Finish in under two hours.

After Hawk Island, we ran through the parking area of the Potter Park Zoo. Once past Potter Park Zoo it was the home stretch back to Cooley Law stadium. I kept thinking about walking more and more but in the back of my mind I knew I would just be happy once I got to the finish line. I kept trying to catch up to one member of the Michigan Runners FB group. She kept ahead of me though and pulled away towards the end!

In the end I finished with a time of 1:55:56 (chip time on the website). Definitely not my fastest half, but still a good time!

It was great to be able to see so many familiar faces from the Michigan Runners main and North groups, as well as meet several for the first time! After the race a large number of the group members went across the street for some food and drinks at The Nuthouse. It was great to be able to discuss the race today as well as upcoming races everyone had planned!

I didn’t ask anyone to take pictures after the race (totally forgot!) but there should be a few floating around soon that I can grab and add here. It sounds like the professional photos will be available within a week as well!

PS: This medal is awesome, so glad I ran the race!

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