Race Recap: 2018 Mackinac Island 8 Mile

Location: Mackinac Island, MI

Date: September 8th, 2018

I started the day off around 5AM, walking the dog, making sure I had everything in order (I did for once!) and trying to figure out what time I was going to leave. I ended up taking off just before 6:30AM and arrived in Mackinaw City at 7:15AM. I managed to hop on the shuttle just before it took off to go to the ferry. When I arrived, the ferry was already boarding, but luckily they had just started. I was able to get on and by 7:30AM the ferry was off to the island.

When I left the house, and even on the ferry ride over I kept thinking “Should I have taken extra clothes? Did I need to dress warmer?”. With the way the wind was blowing, probably but it was a little late for that!

The ferry arrived at the island around 7:50. Still an hour and 40 minutes until race time. The walk to Mission Point from the Sheplers dock is probably on the .75 – 1 mile side. I did a bee-line for the building to pick up my packet and get out of the horrible wind!

After seeing last years shirts I was fully convinced that this years were going to be equally awesome. I loved the blue color from the 2017 8 Mile race, but I didn’t have a chance to run it so I didn’t have one of the shirts.  I was disappointed to find out the color of the shirts was green! Not a huge deal though, still a very nice shirt and material. Don’t sweat the small stuff right?!

I ended up sitting around in Mission Point Resort for awhile. Meranda had to work today so I spent a lot of time  staring at my phone, waiting for the time to go by. I did bump into Tracie G. from Alpena and we talked for awhile prior to the race.

Without about 20 minutes left before the race I decided to head outside and get my body used to the wind/cold. After taking a few steps out though, I found out it had warmed up quite a bit! Instead of low to mid-40’s it was 55 degrees! Perfect running weather!

While I was contemplating going to the bathroom one last time, Kim, a member of the Michigan Runner – North group came up and said hi! It was great to meet another member of the group, as I wasn’t sure if I was going to recognize anyone!

Shortly after that everyone began to line up and get ready for the run!

9:30AM – Go time!

I had managed to find myself near the front of the group again. Not sure how I end up doing this… Regardless of that, I took off with everyone else. I tried to find my pace at what was comfortable but nothing felt right. Eventually I began pacing with someone in front of me as she was extremely consistent in her stride. Turns out was she was averaging a 7:35/mile pace!

I kept pace with her for the first four miles which was great, after that we began to round a corner and come on to the north/northeast side of the island. Remember the wind I mentioned earlier?… Yeah. Oh boy did it pick up on the way back. It was pretty constant 15-20MPH+ winds the whole second half of the race. You would get a break every once and awhile, then BAM the wind would punch you and slow you right down.

The last four miles were a struggle for me. I have not been running as much the last few weeks. Between the high temps/humidity, soreness in my hip/pelvis and allergies I have been slacking. I was determined to do my best at this race though as it’s my last short race of the year (Half Marathons and 25K’s for the rest of the year!).

I went into the race knowing how I did at the CRIM 10 Mile so I figured 1 hour and 10 minutes was a good goal time for the 8 Mile, although in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to do better!

I did end up doing better and finished the race in 1:03:35, with an average pace of just under an eight minute mile!


After the run it was photo time!

Fellow Michigan Runners Sarah and Tracie, as well as Sarah’s sister-in-law, Carrie and Tracie’s husband, Eric.

Overall I really enjoyed the run and would definitely recommend it! It’s a great race and felt very well organized.

The important stuff such as the medal…

I really liked the design and colors of the medal. It was nice to incorporate the “48” as it was the 48th year for the run.

Like at the CRIM, Bauman’s Running Shop was on the island near the packet pick up! I may have spent a little more than I planned after the race!

It’s nice to finally have some brighter colored clothes for running though, especially since I’m likely going to be doing a lot more into the fall and through the winter.

I’m looking forward to the Capital City River Run in a few weeks!

I also said I was done with races on Mackinac Island after this year (doing the Trio). Knowing that the 50th Anniversary Run for the 8 Mile is coming up in two years…. There is a pretty good chance I’ll be back 🙂

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